How to train your dragon (esl title)

How to :  Offering practical advice and detailed instruction on an activity.

How to use a movie title

1.  Mix the words or make an anagram of the title.  Ask the students what the correct title is.

ex.  dragon to your how train


how your dog ran into rat(sorry its the best I could come up with)

For some excellent movie anagrams click here.

2. In groups the students use the movie title to see how many words they can find using the letters from the title.  Give extra points for the longest word.

ex.        rain      round      throw      town

2.  Ask questions about the title to illicit conversation.

  • What kind of movie is it? (drill genres)
  • What is it about? (synopsis)  It’s about _____ who____
  • Who are the main characters and what are they like?(personality adjectives)

3.  Students make a poster for this movie using the information from the conversation.

4.  Show the students the actual movie poster and compare with their own posters.

5.  Students can present their posters to the class.

6.  Make a slide show of the students posters.  Show them the slideshow in the next class.


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