How to train your dragon (esl poster)

How to :  Offering practical advice and detailed instruction on an activity.

How to use a movie poster

1.  Ask questions about the poster to illicit conversation- genre,synopsis,characters.

2.  Students have to describe the poster.

ex.  It is night time.  A boy with medium length brown hair is about to touch a blue dragon, etc.

3.  Cover the title and students have to make a title for the movie.

4.  Give examples of other posters (put them on the walls around the classroom) and examples of synopses.  Students have to match the posters with the synopses.

5.  Give a selection of “how to……” movie titles.  Students choose a title and describes the movie.

6.  Students make posters for their movie title

6.  Students present their poster to the class and describe the movie.

7.  Make a slide show of the students posters.  Show them the slideshow in the next class.  Compare their movie posters with the actual poster used.

Extra idea 1 :  Picture dictation

Students make pairs.  A from each pair is shown the poster.  They have to describe the poster to B.  B has to draw what A has dictated.

Extra idea 2 :  book adaptation

Students imagine that their favourite book is going to be adapted into a movie.  The student has to decide who will be the director and who they will choose for the main characters(celebrities,classmates etc).  They will then make an English movie poster and present it to the class.


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