How to train your dragon (esl trailer-Questions)

How to :   Offering practical advice and detailed instruction on an activity.
How to use a movie trailer

Show the trailer(without the sound) a few times and ask various questions

1.  Which company created this movie?

(a) Dreamworks (b) Pixar  (c) Aardman

2.  Describe the logo of the company.

A boy is sitting on the moon and he is fishing

3.  Complete the sentence:

From the creators of ___Kung Fu Panda___ and ___Shrek___

4.  What genre is this movie?                         animation     family    fantasty

5.  What season is this movie released?      Spring

6. What month is this movie released?        March

7.  What does the boy feed the dragon?        A fish

8.  What animal do you see at the start?

(a) A sheep (b) A cow  (c)  A pig

9.  Guess the rating of this movie:

(a)U     (b)PG (c)12    (d)15     (e)18

Why?(refer to BBFC)               Some scenes of violence and scary images of dragons.

10.  Describe the main character(protagonist):

He is a young,kind, friendly, and courageous boy.

He has medium length brown hair, brown eyes and freckles.

He is wearing a green tunic and a brown waist coat.

11.  Write a short synopsis (plot summary) about the movie:(Refer to IMDB)

A hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed.

12.  What year and where is the movies setting?

11th century, Viking settlement,a fantastical place.

13.  Write a tagline for this movie.(1 sentence to sum it up)

Everything we know about them is wrong.

14.  What are the keywords for this movie?(main themes)

Use wordle to create a list of the keywords.


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