How to train your dragon (esl trailer-JING)

How to :   Offering practical advice and detailed instruction on an activity.

How to use jing with a movie trailer.

I have recently discovered the wonder of jing after using the wonderful website by Russell Stannard.  His website is perfect for all you technophobes out there and I find his videos are very user friendly and describe how to use applications in layman’s terms without any torturous technical  jargon.

Jing is software which you can use to capture images or videos in realtime using your computer.

I have decided to use it to for making voiceovers for movie trailers.

In this task students are asked to use jing to capture their description of the trailer.

The teacher can show the students how to use the application and then set it as a task for homework.   Students have to send the link via e.mail to the teacher.

Alternatively they could carry this task out in the class and perform it in front of the other students.

Here is an example of this software in action:

Unfortunately it is clear why it is maybe best to not use this software for capturing video material as it will become fragmented and it takes a while to download the video.  If you have the time to wait for the download then it does show an example of recording your students voices over material.

Click here for my first jing.

In this example I used my glamorous assitant Susan who is the creator of the delcious food blogg; Bendi Benri.  Cheers for that Suzie you are the best cook in the world.

Using the trailer to write a dialogue for the scene

Another example for using jing would be to record a voiceover dialogue between the characters in the clip.

Stop the trailer at 1.56.

In pairs the students have to write a dialogue between ‘Hiccup’ and the girl.

Students can check how there dialogue compares with the original:

Hiccup:     It’s okay.  ‘Astrid,”toothless’

Girl:            You are so busted.

Hiccup:     da,da,da,da,da we’re dead.

With both activities above you could get the class to vote for their best and you could record the best and show it to the class or if you have a class blogg then you could put it up for all the students to see online.

Will I use jing again?

I’m really frustrated that it was not able to capture the trailer smoothly and also at the time it took for it to donwload.  I do believe it will be excellent, however, to provide feedback to essays and also to describe pictures rather than trailers.


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