How to fool a baboon

This activity combines an excellent game with a great video and covers all the important skills needed for language learning(reading, listening, writing and speaking).  This never fails and the students love the competitive nature of the game.

Explain to the students that today they are going to learn how to fool a baboon into showing where the water is.

Make a wordle

First of all I made a ‘wordle‘ of the sentences after watching the video.

Read & Report game(the rules)

1. Affix several copies of the wordle around the room

2. Break the students into groups of 2 or 4. Half the students are the writers and other half are the runners.  The runners have to race to the sentences, remember one sentence and relay it back to the writers.

3. Students can rotate roles each time a sentence is finished to ensure that all the students are given the opportunity to participate in all the areas of learning.

4. Once all the sentences are obtained, the students must put the sentences into the correct order.

Watch the “you tube”clip

Students check if they have got the correct order of sentences by watching the clip.


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