It’s never “too little too late” for an esl date

An esl Discussion of places and romantic dates

Music video; “Russia” – Ramona Falls

This song is perfect for talking about the perfect date and discussing places.

1. Elicit places where the students would go on a romantic date.

2. Elicit gifts they would take to their date.

Give students a copy of the  wordle and ask them to separate the words into the following categories:

1.  Where would you go on a romantic date?

2. What gifts would you buy?

Watch the music video

Students watch the movie and put the places and gifts in the order that they see them by writing a number next to the word on the wordle.

Ask Questions about the clip:

What does the female have on her jacket?     A red rose.

What colour is the females t-shirt?     Red and white.

What colour is the origami crane?     orange.

What does the female do to the origami crane?     She burns it.

What animal is at the fairground?     A frog.

What does the dog do to the female?     The toilet.

What does the female throw at the man?     A book.

What 4 activities does the man do to try to catch the female?

Running, swimming, cycling, riding a horse, riding a motorbike.

What is attached to the rope that the man attached around the females neck?     A piano.

How does the female escape from the church?     By helium balloons.

Make anecdotes:

Students write notes about the best and worst date they have had.

They practice talking about these dates to the other students.

Students discuss what would be the perfect date and about  the  meaning of the phrase; “too little too late”. ex. Have you ever been too little too late with a school project or exam.

Talking about places – fotobabble(First attempt)

Once again I headed to the website of the wonderful tech guru; Russell Stannard to find out how to use fotobabble.  It’s a very easy application to upload a photo and record your thoughts.  I think this would work wonderfully as a task for students, either as homework or a project in class time.

Click below to watch my first attempt at  ‘fotobabble’.


Using the places in the video, students have to talk about their experiences at one of these places and record it on fotobabble.  Ask the students to choose a photo they have taken or have found on the internet

Here is a slideshow of the places featured in the vid:


2 Responses to “It’s never “too little too late” for an esl date”

  1. Michael Says:

    “Elicit”, I think, not “illicit”… It gives the activity a whole new meaning!

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