About me

You are now about to enter the head of the imaginarium:

After earning a philosophy degree I was uncertain which direction to head in and found myself working as a salesman in a bank which gave me an insight into the mundane existence of an office worker and the sleazy and corrupt world of sales.  Eventually I broke free and a quick trip around Europe gave me time to think about where I wanted to go next.   I decided that I would never become a corporate whore again.

When I returned to Scotland, I worked as a care and support worker within the homeless community of Edinburgh.  This experience was very fulfilling and rewarding, I felt I was actually making some kind of contribution to society.

My thirst for travel and culture always surrounded me and I eventually decide to step into the world of ESL.  I was seduced by the idea of travelling and teaching in other countries;  I would become a learner of cultures and teacher of the English language.  It sounded too good to be true.

I first stepped into the world of ESL when I taught for a year at a private school in S.Korea.  This was an eye-opening experience and was a case of fight or flight.  unfortunately the working conditions were very poor and my boss was corrupt.   I gritted my teeth however, and  lasted the year.  South Korea was stunning, but the job experience was dreadful.

After S.Korea I was more sensible about applying for a job in a foreign country .  I have spent the last two wonderful years teaching elementary, Junior High and High School students in  Japan.  I’m finally realising my potential as an English teacher and savouring every moment of my time in Japan.

I am very enthusiastic about furthering my career in ESL and continuing to be creative with the ESL Imaginarium.

I’m now going on a bit.   The last thing I want to do is bore you, so here is my attempt at summarising myself in the form of a tweet (140max.)

Floating in space, head in the clouds, philosophical rants, inspiration & imagination.  Indulging in music n films & soaking up culture.

Activity idea: Tweet ‘about me’

Try to get your students to write a tweet about themselves.  They have to try to write-up to 140 characters but no longer.  The teacher collects the tweets and shuffles the papers.  The teacher reads out the tweet and the students have to guess who it’s about.

Students use their tweet as an inspiration to draw a picture.

Attach the tweet to the picture and put the papers up on the class walls for the students to look at.

Click on the links below for more postings about me

September 8th 2010: さよなら Japan,おひさしぶり Scotland


8 Responses to “About me”

  1. Lovely layout for this. Nice activity too!

  2. Hi there

    Lovely blog – wish you luck for a long and happy blogging adventure. ESL needs more creativity like this (just subscribed).

    Enjoy Japan – I spent 13 fantastic years there.

    I put your blog on one of my sites: http://www.freeeslmaterials.com/blogs.html – at #36

    Best wishes,


    • Hey Sean,

      Thank you very much for your generous words.
      I really appreciate your comments.
      I hope the esl imaginarium continues to produce creative lessons.

      Take care


  3. Wow!! You are telling my life story!! I was a corporate whore too and had to get out because I felt as though I wasn’t making any real contributions to the world or fulfilling my divine purpose. Your ESL tweet lesson is very creative and unique. I can’t wait to try it. Wish I had known of your blog sooner!!

    • Hey Lady T, Thanks for the kind words. I’m working on a new blog as the imaginarium is really dated now and my methodologies and ideas have changed. Watch this space for some new creativity.
      Have you considered starting a blog?

  4. Hi Andy, I happened to stumble upon an old comment of yours on http://film-english.com/about-2/ in which you said you were about to start a dissertation: “I’m really interested in exploring the potential for video in the esl classroom as a motivational tool or how it can be used to foster critical literacy skills.” Did you do so? I’d be very interested in any findings you may want to share. I’m starting my diploma thesis now and the title is Video as a motivational factor in teaching and learning English.

    • Hi Zuzana,
      Thanks for your message.
      I decided not to use this topic for my dissertation and instead researched teaching EFL online.
      Your thesis is still something I’m very interested in and I wish you the best of luck.
      I don’t use this blog anymore and have started a new one.
      Check it out here -https://eltsparks.wordpress.com/

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