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Working this F*$#!ing job

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*Warning NSFC-Controversy in the classroom*

Show this clip at the students discretion only.  Advise the students that the following clip is a little controversial and that if they are of a sensitive disposition then maybe it’s best that they do not watch the clip. This clip contains risky language and some scenes of violence.  You could easily edit it so that the words are deleted from the video.

Watch the music video:

Drive by truckers – Working this job

Controversy issues:

Start a discussion about censorship in videos.  Ask the following questions.

1. Why do you think they use the “f-Word” ?

2. What do you think about the use of violence in this clip?

3. What impact did the violence and language have on you?

4. Is it really necessary to include the violence and f-word?

5.  Does it relate to the song and video?   Why?

6.  Is this clip being controversial just to provoke people, which will in turn generate more sales through the media exposure?

Lights, Camera, Action

Students choose from 3 scenes in the clip.  They write a dialogue for the scene and then act it out.

(0.43) Scene outside ‘burger world’.  Dialogue between the  boss of ‘burger world’ and the protagonist.

(2.05) Scene with the man robbing the store. Dialogue between the store clerk and the protagonist.

(3.25) Scene with the police confrontation.  Dialogue between the policeman and the protagonist.

Lyrics – What lyrics do you hear?

Students listen to the clip a few times and write down as many lyrics as they can.

The students compare the lyrics they have written with the other students.

Story time

The students use the lyrics to help them write a story about the clip.

Ask some questions for them to think about.

Why did the man do this?

What were his responsibilities?

“What makes it all worthwhile?”

“Can a family live on fast food wages?”

Game–  In groups students try to write down as many jobs as they can in a set time limit (5mins).

Each group reads out the jobs they have written and if the other groups have the same word then they score it out.  The groups only get points if they have a different word from the other groups.  Subtract points for wrong spelling.

Word magnet-(My first attempt)

Please click here to watch Russell Stannard’s training video about word magnets.

If students have computers in your class room then this application is really good.  If they don’t then use sheets of paper.

Students have to write down as many job words as they can and then separate them into what they consider to be worthwhile jobs and  not worthwhile.

Let’s debate about jobs

When they have divided the jobs into categories the students have a debate about their opinions and why they consider some jobs more worthwhile than others.

Call out a job and have the students who think it is worthwhile go to one side of the classroom and the other students go to the other side.  Both sides think about what they can say to support their arguments in a debate.  Each side is given a time limit to present their ideas.

Some final words

Students have to think about and then discuss what they think is important in life and what responsibilities they have.


Let’s write a story

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Students watch “Let’s write a book-Field Music” and try to find the words.

1. Make a wordle using the vocabulary you see in the music video

Watch the music video:

Give the students each a copy of the ‘wordle’.  Drill the words in the ‘wordle’ and check for understanding. Ask the students to circle the words they see  in the video.  Watch the video three times as the images are very fast.  Students count how many words they found.

Add some words to the wordle which are not in the video to make the task more difficult.

To make this activity more competitive put the students into groups.

Ask students what other things they saw which were not in the wordle.  e.x. periscope, rhino etc.

Voice Thread- My first attempt;

I learned how to use this application by watching this helpful step by step guide by Russell Stannard.

I circled all the objects in the movie to show the students where the words are.

Check it out by clicking here.

If students know how to use ‘voice thread‘ then they could add their own comments to the video.

[This is my very first attempt. If I did this again I would choose a brighter colour to highlight the images.]

Let’s write a story

Explain to the students that the song title was called “let’s write a book”.  Tell them that they are not going to write a book but they are going to write a story using as many words from the ‘wordle’ as they can.