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How to train your dragon(esl- Movie conversation)

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How to :   Offering practical advice and detailed instruction on an activity.

ESL- Let’s talk about movies

1. Discussion of themes: What are the themes in how to train your dragon?

Main themes:  father/son relationships, being different, ignorance, achievement, adolescence, trying to prove yourself.

Students choose one of the themes as a basis for writing practice and then they use what they have written to talk about the theme and form an anecdote.

Please click here to find a link to several questions about movies to illicit conversation.

Talk about the impact of 3D –

Students compare this animation to other recent animations.  They discuss how 3D can add to the experience of the movie.

Let’s watch Mark Kermode discussing his views on 3D in movies:

3D is a very topical subject at the moment and the students could have a debate on whether they think it is a good idea.  If they have seen Avatar then they could discuss if it added to the overall cinematic experience.  Is it really worth wearing uncomfortable classes for over 2 hrs and paying the extra money for the benefit?

Guess the movie game

Students give clues about a movie they have seen and the other students have to guess the movie.

Slowly give clues and see who can guess first.[WARNING – PLOT SPOILER]

1. (50 pts) Genre

What kind of movie is it?

It’s an ____animation_____.

2. (40 pts) setting

Where and when does it take place?

It takes place in ____Viking times_____.

3. (30 pts) Actor

Who is in it?

______Gerard Butler(voice)______ is in it.

4. (20 pts) plot

What’s it about?

It’s about a ___young Viking who  becomes the  friend of a dragon____.

5. (10 pts) climax

How does it end?

In the end, ___ the boy becomes a hero and the village realises that the dragons are not enemies____.