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Sit back and relax with ‘Good Hair’

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‘Hair is important spiritually, culturally and integral to our self esteem.’

Good Hair

Official trailer:

The Plot:

Chris Rock, a man with two daughters, asks about good hair, as defined by Black Americans, mostly Black women. He visits Bronner Brothers’ annual hair convention in Atlanta. He tells us about sodium hydroxide, a toxin used to relax hair. He looks at weaves, and he travels to India where tonsure ceremonies produce much of the hair sold in America. A weave is expensive: he asks who makes the money. We visit salons and barber shops, central to the Black community. Rock asks men if they can touch their mates’ hair – no, its decoration. Various talking heads (many of them women with good hair) comment. It’s about self-image. Maya Angelou and Tracie Thoms provide perspective.

Click the title below for listening and reading comprehension questions about the trailer and the plot:

Good Hair worksheet 1

How much does it cost?

Click on the title below for a student worksheet on the above clip and also some extra questions.

Good Hair worksheet 2

Bad hair day

Below is a clip from an article featured in the ‘Wall Street Journal.

Click here for the full article.

‘When A Bad Hair Day Brings You Down’

Scientists at P & G, with help from a Yale psychology professor, surveyed women, before and after using Pantene products, using a questionnaire that psychology researchers use to measure mood. They found women felt less “hostile,” “ashamed,” “nervous,” “guilty” or “jittery,” depending on the hair products they used, while at other times they said they felt more “excited,” “proud” and “interested.”

Lets talk about hair:

Celebrity hair styles

Ask the students if they can think of any celebrity hair icons.

Show students the following icons and ask them if they have ever had a similar hair cut or would like a hair cut like these celebrities.

Crazy hair styles

Ask students if they think a hair style can reflect your personality.

Show students the following photos and ask what they think the models personalities are.

Click below for the accompanying worksheet :

Good Hair worksheet 3

Selling a style

Ask students if they are influenced by hair advertising.

Show students the following hair adverts.

‘Because we’re worth it’:

‘Hair comes alive’:

Discuss the adverts:

Students are put into groups and have to discuss the questions on the worksheet.

After discussing the questions they have to come up with a slogan to sell a hair product.

Each group presents their slogan and the class vote on the best slogan.

Please click on the title below for the accompanying worksheet:

Good Hair worksheet 4

Hair Styles

Ask students if they know the names of different hair styles e.x. short/long etc.

Wordle time– Do you recognise any of the styles? can you match them with the pictures below?

Click for the accompanied worksheet: Good Hair worksheet 5

Male styles

Female Styles

Role play:

After completing the worksheet the students make pairs and pretend they are going to get their hair cut.  One student will play the role of the hair dresser and the other as the customer.

Monitor and give advice to the students.  Ask the best pairs to demonstrate their role play to the class.  Students vote on the best role play.

Some final words

For more media on this subject you should check out this excellent documentary by pop star, Jamile and  this episode from the Tyra Banks chat show.

After all this talk about hair I just realised it’s time to go for a haircut.  So I will leave you with this:

Any suggestions or comments are welcomed below & for more activities from the imaginarium please sign up.  Cheers and happy hair cuts.


How to train your dragon (esl trailer-Dialogue)

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How to :   Offering practical advice and detailed instruction on an activity.

Listen to the trailer without watching

1. Dictation activity.

Students have to listen to the trailer and write what they hear.  Students are the controller of the video and can ask the teacher to stop/rewind/play.

2. Cloze activity

Students are given the dialogue and are asked to fill in the gaps.

Hiccup: This is my _home____, we have __fishing_____, hunting and a charming view of the __sunsets_____.

The only __problems__ are the pests.  You see, some places have _mice__ or mosquitoes, we have dragons.  Fighting ___dragons__ is everything around here.

My name is ‘Hiccup”.  Iv’e always wanted to be a _great__ viking.

Viking: Oh no you __don’t___.

Hiccup: Oh, come on let me out.  I need to __make__ my mark.

Viking: You can’t lift a __hammer____,  you can’t swing an axe,  you can’t even __throw__ one of these.

Hiccup: But this will throw it for me.

Did I _hit__ it?

Yes, I hit it.   I have brought __down__ his mighty beast.

Hiccup:  eh, _nice__ dragon.  Okay.

no,no, no



Astrid: Get __down___.

Hiccup:  It’s okay.  Astrid,  toothless.

Astrid: You are sooooo busted.

Hiccup: da,da,da,da,da we’re __dead___.

Viking: Either we finish them or they’ll __finish____ us.

Hiccup: Everything we __know____ about them is worng.

Viking: You’re crazy, I ___like__ that.

Hiccup: Let me __show____ you.  Gently

Thank you for ___nothing____ you useless reptile.

3. Questions about Hiccup and his home(answer using sentences)

1.  What is the only problem about Hiccups home?

The pests are the only problem about his home.

2. What two activities can you do?

You can do fishing and hunting.

3.  What view is charming?

The sunsets are charming.

4.   What pests do some places have?

Some places have mice or mosquitoes.

5.  What is everything around there?

Fighting dragons is everything around there.

6.   What has he always wanted to be?

He has always wanted to be a great Viking.

7.   What does he need to do?

He needs to make his mark.

8. What 3 things can’t he do?

He can’t lift a hammer, swing an axe or throw one of these.

9. What does he bring down?

He has brought down a mighty beast.

4. Madlibs

In groups the students try to fill in the gaps with their own ideas.  The funniest mad lib wins.

This is my home.  We have _skiing_____, __snowboarding_ and a ___beautiful__ view of the ___moon_____.

The only problems are the _monsters__.  You see most places have _goblins___ or __trolls____.  We have __yeti___. ___kissing__ __Yeti____is everything around here.

My name is ___Andy____.  I’ve always wanted to be a _great warrior ___

How to train your dragon (esl trailer-JING)

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How to :   Offering practical advice and detailed instruction on an activity.

How to use jing with a movie trailer.

I have recently discovered the wonder of jing after using the wonderful website by Russell Stannard.  His website is perfect for all you technophobes out there and I find his videos are very user friendly and describe how to use applications in layman’s terms without any torturous technical  jargon.

Jing is software which you can use to capture images or videos in realtime using your computer.

I have decided to use it to for making voiceovers for movie trailers.

In this task students are asked to use jing to capture their description of the trailer.

The teacher can show the students how to use the application and then set it as a task for homework.   Students have to send the link via e.mail to the teacher.

Alternatively they could carry this task out in the class and perform it in front of the other students.

Here is an example of this software in action:

Unfortunately it is clear why it is maybe best to not use this software for capturing video material as it will become fragmented and it takes a while to download the video.  If you have the time to wait for the download then it does show an example of recording your students voices over material.

Click here for my first jing.

In this example I used my glamorous assitant Susan who is the creator of the delcious food blogg; Bendi Benri.  Cheers for that Suzie you are the best cook in the world.

Using the trailer to write a dialogue for the scene

Another example for using jing would be to record a voiceover dialogue between the characters in the clip.

Stop the trailer at 1.56.

In pairs the students have to write a dialogue between ‘Hiccup’ and the girl.

Students can check how there dialogue compares with the original:

Hiccup:     It’s okay.  ‘Astrid,”toothless’

Girl:            You are so busted.

Hiccup:     da,da,da,da,da we’re dead.

With both activities above you could get the class to vote for their best and you could record the best and show it to the class or if you have a class blogg then you could put it up for all the students to see online.

Will I use jing again?

I’m really frustrated that it was not able to capture the trailer smoothly and also at the time it took for it to donwload.  I do believe it will be excellent, however, to provide feedback to essays and also to describe pictures rather than trailers.

How to train your dragon (esl trailer-Questions)

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How to :   Offering practical advice and detailed instruction on an activity.
How to use a movie trailer

Show the trailer(without the sound) a few times and ask various questions

1.  Which company created this movie?

(a) Dreamworks (b) Pixar  (c) Aardman

2.  Describe the logo of the company.

A boy is sitting on the moon and he is fishing

3.  Complete the sentence:

From the creators of ___Kung Fu Panda___ and ___Shrek___

4.  What genre is this movie?                         animation     family    fantasty

5.  What season is this movie released?      Spring

6. What month is this movie released?        March

7.  What does the boy feed the dragon?        A fish

8.  What animal do you see at the start?

(a) A sheep (b) A cow  (c)  A pig

9.  Guess the rating of this movie:

(a)U     (b)PG (c)12    (d)15     (e)18

Why?(refer to BBFC)               Some scenes of violence and scary images of dragons.

10.  Describe the main character(protagonist):

He is a young,kind, friendly, and courageous boy.

He has medium length brown hair, brown eyes and freckles.

He is wearing a green tunic and a brown waist coat.

11.  Write a short synopsis (plot summary) about the movie:(Refer to IMDB)

A hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed.

12.  What year and where is the movies setting?

11th century, Viking settlement,a fantastical place.

13.  Write a tagline for this movie.(1 sentence to sum it up)

Everything we know about them is wrong.

14.  What are the keywords for this movie?(main themes)

Use wordle to create a list of the keywords.

How to train your dragon (esl trailer-What happened next)

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How to :   Offering practical advice and detailed instruction on an activity.
How to use a movie trailer

Play the trailer without sound

What happens next?

Stop the movie at 1:05- Students guess what happens next.

Ask for some suggestions from the students and then give them three options:

(a) The boy runs away     (b) The boy kills the dragon    (c) The boy unties the dragon

Stop the movie at 1:27- Students guess what happens next.

Ask for some suggestions from the students and then give them three options:

(a) the dragon eats the boy      (b) The dragon regurgitates(spits out) the fish (c)  The dragon flies away